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During September, October and November an army of hunters, twenty-five percent larger than the entire United States Marine Corps, marches across country to the Cowboy Hunting lands of the Rockies. For every one who makes the trip, countless others wish they could, but simply don't know how. This book hopes to help them.

Yes, it is a book about hunting; but really, it is a book about adventure. It is a book about leaving day-to-day life and living for a short time in a world 180 degrees and thousands of miles in another direction.

Any time two or more hunters gather, it will be only a matter of minutes before the conversation becomes a festival of hunting stories. Each story spawns another one, which leads to another one and yet one more.

While this is a how-to book, it is also a collection of stories, gleaned from those who have lived them. Each story is true or at least as true as the memories of old Cowboys can be.

310 pages and over 150 helpful tips to get you there, get you some adventure, and get you back. Have fun!


Dale Wagman, Dale E. Wagman
Dale E. Wagman is a freelance writer and businessman.
He lives in Michigan with his wife Susan, but has spent
countless hours roaming the highs and lows of the Rocky
Mountains — by car, by foot and, of course, by horse.


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